Brendan Benson - The other guy in The Raconteurs

Here's another artist that I first discovered from watching a movie. Benson's song "Tiny Spark" from his 2002 album Lapalco got on the soundtrack for Along Came Polly (2004). I found out it was an artist named Brendan Benson, and that he is awesome.

Brendan Benson is now a guitarist/vocalist in the super group The Raconteurs, but before that journey began he had already released 3 solo albums from 1996-2005. And when you give his stuff a listen you'll instantly discover the flavors that have been mixed with Jack White's (White Stripes, Raconteurs) writing to give The Raconteurs their unique sound.

Benson's first album One Mississippi didn't do so well, but it is just as great as his latter, more successful albums Lapalco and Alternative To Love. Check out all of them. I enjoy all the music equally. Any powerpop lovers should definitely love Benson, as many of the songs from his first two records a co-written by Jason Falkner, who played guitar with Jellyfish for their first album Bellybutton.

Powerpop is a definite influence in Benson's writing as well artists like the Beatles, Paul McCartney, The Who, and Electric Light Orchestra. Hes pop, and hes rock. A Rolling Stones describes very accurately that "Brendan Benson writes pop songs for an alternate universe, one where hits are still forged out of crisp guitars and Beatlesque backing vocals."

There has been announced a fourth solo record due out in 2009 and is being produced by Gil Norton whos produced bands like the Foo Fighters, Pixies, and Counting Crows. "The album is rumored for an August 2009 release." Until the new album, there is some newer material on MySpace from Benson to hear including some songs formed from collaborating with singer Ashley Monroe.