The Whitest Boy Alive - Rules

The Berlin based Indie-Pop Electronic-Dance band (all those describe some aspect of their unique sound) released their sophomore album Rules in March 2009 and its a great follow up to their first entitled Dreams.

has longer and more frequent instrumental sections in its songs, as well as the keyboardist using some more varying and interesting and "dance/house" sounds. The album overall has a more fun, free, and upbeat feel to it. The Whitest Boy Alive has explored new territory with their unique sound without straying completely from the sound of Dreams. Great bass hooks and synth sounds create somewhat of an ethereal landscape upon which clean guitar chords waltz, and the soft, relaxed vocals fill in the rest.

The album starts off with a few mid-tempo tunes with catchy vocal melodies, followed by the bouncy dance-esque "Courage" and "Timebomb". Then they slow it down with the more emotional "Rollercoaster Ride" similar to feel of "Don't Give Up" from Dreams. Then they combine all these elements in "High On The Heels" that sounds like a far too staccato version of a techno track. The guitar on "1517" and "Dead End" reminds me of some 70's funk. The amazing bass lines continue in "Gravity" and "Promise Less Or Do More". The album finishes with the catchy keyboard riff led "Island".

Rules flows so smoothly from one song to the next and doesn't demand any second thought from the listener. Singer Erlend Oye is also parts of the band Kings Of Convenience.

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