The Primitives

They emerged in the mid to late 80's from the UK and ended after 1991, most notably leaving behind the top 5 single "Crash", which you've heard if you've seen Dumb and Dumber. "Crash" is a great song, the first one I heard from the band, but it only lead to a passion for most of the Primitives' catalog. I'm a fan of many rock and pop bands with female vocalists, i.e. No Doubt, Letters To Cleo, Blondie. The Primitives vocalist Tracy Tracy has such a nice soft voice that fits perfectly with the guitar chord based structures in the songs. The electric guitar played a lot of arpeggiated guitar leads and chords similar to the style of R.E.M.'s Peter Buck, with most of the hooks being in the vocal melodies. Picture light-hearted soft pop/alternative/rock that is catchy, simple, and fun.

They released 4 studio albums during their career, but I suggest starting out with one of their greatest hits compilations if you are into rock bands with female vocalists, 80s music, especially indie 80s.

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