Lily Allen - "It's Not Me, It's You"

A beautifully smooth and innocent voice singing sassy and honest lyrics create a fun sound in pop music. Lily's not afraid to speak her mind. The British singer/songwriter released her second studio album in February with "The Fear" becoming her second #1 single in the UK. There are many moods to the album including electronica tastes "The Fear" and "Back To The Start" to the jazz loops in "He Wasn't There", all with vocal melodies and lyrics that keep you interested until the songs are over. The contrasting moods of her fun melodies and sometimes bratty lyrics sung by a sweet, soft voice are appealing. "The Fear" contains words which inspire deeper thought, while "Not Fair" somewhat comically speaks of a great boyfriend who's only lacking in one aspect of the relationship. Much respect to a pop artist who is writing their own songs.

Check out Lily's official site where Remixes are available for to listen to that fans have submitted. Buying a copy of her new record allows you to access exclusive mp3 clips of individual tracks from the recordings to encourage remixes. Click here.

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