Favorite Female-Fronted Bands Part 1

(in no particular order)

Letters To Cleo

One of my favorite 90s female-fronted rock/punk bands, also somewhat unheard of and underrated. Fronted by Kay Hanley, they appeared in the film 10 Things I Hate About You as Kat's favorite band. They performed at the high school prom and during the end credits atop of a building on campus covering Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me", which is on the soundtrack.

Original drummer for Letters To Cleo, Stacy Jones, has gone on to form American Hi-Fi as lead vocalist/guitarist. They scored a hit single in 2001 called "Flavor Of The Weak".

2. No Doubt

No Doubt is just a classic. With multiple hit-bearing albums such as Tragic Kingdom and Return Of Saturn, No Doubt is probably one of the most popular female-fronted rock bands of all time. Singer Gwen Stefani is a world class front woman and has the best look and style a band could wish for. Progressing with the band through new styles of music and going solo into the pop world has proven her to be a one-of-a-kind artist.

3. Noisettes

This is a sweet rock/punk/pop-rock group from London fronted by Shingai Shoniwa. Check out my review of the band and their newest album, Wild Young Hearts.

4. The Primitives

Take it back to the 80s for this classic underrated pop-rock group fronted by Tracy Tracy. Check out my Retro Review of the band here.

5. The Sounds

A great modern synth rock/new wave band from Sweden fronted by vocalist Maja Ivarsson. Check out my review of their newest album, Crossing The Rubicon.