Incubus - Monuments and Melodies

Incubus is releasing a 2-disc greatest hits album June 16, 2009. The compilation will feature 26 songs total including 2 brand new singles. The first single, "Black Heart Inertia" has already been released and you can watch the music video posted below.

UPDATE: I received an email from an Incubus promoter giving me this new information:

"In addition to this sweet, 26-track collection, inside each case of the album will be a card that contains a code. Fans will be able to use this code on Incubus' site,, to gain access into their "Vault." "The Vault" contains 500+ streamable rare tracks, videos, and photos; many hand-picked and taken by the band members themselves--some of which are downloadable."

Incubus is also going on tour!!!!!! Starting July 9, 2009 in San Diego, California, the band will tour throughout July and August in the U.S.

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