Diane Birch - "Bible Belt"

Some say she's the new Joss Stone, Duffy, or a better, sober version of Amy Winehouse. While her music may paint with some of the same colors as those artists, Diane Birch has diversified and created her own unique style within retro-pop. With great piano playing and a superb, beautifully strong voice belting timeless melodies that stay with you, Diane Birch's debut album Bible Belt is definitely worth more than one listen. Steve Greenberg quickly signed Diane Birch to his record label S-Curve Records after hearing her music. Steve Greenberg also produced Bible Belt along with the same team that produced Joss Stone's first two albums.

This album shows so many influences from 60's and 70's soul, R&B, and singer/songwriter to gospel, pop, and more. You'll hear classic familiarity along with a fresh, new contemporary sound. "Ariel" echoes Elton John's classic piano driven verses. "Rise Up" is a gospel sounding soul ballad. "Valentino" is a fun clap along soul tune with modern pop tones that will have you humming along after listening. "Rewind" is another great Eltonesque piano part but with unique modern vocal melodies that mesh perfectly.

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