Treasure Fingers - "40 Minutes In The Champagne Room"

Treasure Fingers is a very talented DJ from Atlanta who's music I've been introduced to and have become quite intrigued by. Now signed to Fools Gold Records, he DJ's his funk/disco/house music across the U.S. The first mix I heard from Treasure Fingers was 40 Minutes In The Champagne Room, a mix that takes the listener on a journey that begins by being dropped off outside of a club and entering into the Champagne Room. Hearing these types of mixes is a great way to find great songs that Treasure Fingers has sampled from, remixed, and compiled. "40 Minutes" is full of remixes of recognizable hits and gems from bands you may not have heard of before.

On Treasure Finger's Official website there are lists of song remixes he's done, some of which show up in 40 Minutes, and all his other DJ mixes and releases. Also, hes put up a "drop box" for anyone to drag and drop an mp3 of their song to potentially be used in a mix.

There's a streaming mp3 of "40 Minutes In The Champagne Room" is available in this post as well as on the bottom half of the official site home page with his other DJ Mixes, remixes, releases, and tour dates. You can find a track listing for "40 Minutes In The Champagne Room" here.

Here's a music video for "We Are Rockstars" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?, one of the first songs you hear mixed into "40 Minutes In The Champagne Room".

mp3 + track listing - "40 Minutes In The Champagne Room"

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