Anchor In The Valley

Pure and honest indie folk music and lyrics that comes straight from the heart and soul of Kelsey Waldon. A girl and her guitar. Kelsey soaks in a broad range of influences from classic rock artists to country singer/songwriters, modern rock bands, and countless others. She's been playing and writing music for years, and started performing under the name Anchor In The Valley. Kelsey released an album of demos she recorded in her basement, called "Songs From A Basement" which is available on iTunes, and is constantly working on writing and recording new material. She's also touring during the month of July this year, starting the 9th in Kansas with indie artist Ghostbeard. Listening to Anchor In The Valley and watching these songs performed live is relaxing, inspiring, and kind to your ears.

Check out my favorite tune on her Myspace, "untitled" and her latest addition "Mississippi Ride".